Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the beginning

If you're like me, your children say crazy and funny stuff every day. If only I could remember it all...

Here's my attempt to remember, and also to read what your kids, say, too. These one-liners or stories sometimes hurt me with laughter, and sometimes they just plain hurt, especially when I realize how much more I could be doing to make their childhood experiences happy.

Remembering my own kids' one-liners and the tender-mercy moments, as well as yours, will remind us how great it is to be parents. This is what life is all about.

Here's the first entry. It's a variation on "Stick Figures of Me," the first poem in my chapbook, Winter Walking Home:

In my hotel room, my laptop sleeps next to some stick figures of me. My son's picture books are strewn about the carpet. It's late. I shut off the light and crawl in bed next to him, his body stretching only half the length of the hard mattress. He's snoring: the hiss of hydraulics, a rake through gravel, an ordering rhythm. I could listen for hours, I think. I could listen for hours while he sleeps. I cheat the day by getting up--just for a moment--to jot down some notes for a poem, to keep this moment for another day when I'll need it again.

Check back for daily updates. I'll solicit stories from you, and I welcome e-mails of stories and one-liners, too. Send them to StickFiguresOfUs(at)


  1. Congrats, Brian! This is the beginning of something wonderful, and I will be most delighted to watch it unfold.

    All the best,

  2. Brilliant idea Brian! I can't wait to keep up with this and send my own funny things... Thanks! ~Sarah

  3. This is WAY more interesting than Facebook!! Oh man - what a dagger, you're right! I've been there. Now that I'm not working, though, I have to remember the people IN the house are more important than the house! You seem like a great Dad, and can't wait to read what your little guys have to say - when are you going to have a girl?! That will switch things up!

  4. Actually, I do have a girl--Elizabeth is 5 months old. I'm glad you like the site so far. Click on the submit link to send me stuff your own kids say. Thanks for commenting--it's great to catch up with you.